Writing Psalm 100 in Walgreens

Finding creative techniques to write Psalm 100 is a lot of fun. Today I found another interesting method that doesn’t involve in-depth lettering…

Photograph a simple writing in the context of my daily life

A couple days ago I wrote a simple version of Psalm 100. No flairs in the lettering. No creative diagrams. Just simple writing. Very refreshing to not feel pressured to do something worthy of Instagram.

That simple writing sat in our toy room for a day. Then my one-year-old toddler found it, and applied thanksgiving stickers all over the sheet. How fun!

Psalm every day in everyday life

I love how this Psalm can been seen with whatever I’m doing. I could be riding my bike. Half-way through the bike ride, take a break at a bench, write Psalm 100, then snap a pic. Now Psalm 100 is part of my bike ride!

Go to Walgreens, write Psalm 100 in the store. What would it be written upon? The receipt from my purchase! I love it!

Writing and Photographing Psalm 100 in Walgreens

I get ready to bike down to Walgreens. Pocket Bible and pencil tucked in my pocket. I purchase some candy. (Of course! This is Walgreens, candy will be in my hands when I walk out). Made my purchase, greatly looking forward to the receipt printing out the register. Even the cashier was waiting for the receipt to come out.

But oh wait. Just last week, a Walgreens cashier asked me if I wanted my receipt printed or emailed to me. Amused by Walgreens emailing the receipt to me, I opted for the electronic version. I guess that preference is now in the system, because now my anticipated printed receipt never came out. The cashier realized, “oh you will get your receipt via email. But here is a coupon.”

Disappointed I didn’t get the actual receipt, at least I got a coupon to write on. I like the idea of the receipt, because it’s a physical marker of a reality—my time in Walgreens at a specific point in time. Just like the events in the Bible all occurred at a specific time.

But a coupon will work here for this purpose. I scooted off to the side, out of anyone’s way, got out my pocket Bible, and wrote Psalm 100 by the doors.

Feeling awkward

I did feel a little awkward standing by the entrance, holding out my Bible. Like at any moment I’m about to start preaching. I didn’t want any customers to feel weird having this guy standing near the entrance with an open Bible. I turned around with my back facing the door, and quietly wrote the verses on the coupon.

Quickly written, the Psalm fit onto the coupon. I thought if I ran out of space, I could always buy another item, and get another coupon. But it all fit.

(Oops. I forgot to write the date and verse reference.)

With my Peanut Butter M&M’s in hand, I photographed the writing on the coupon with my Bible. Holding them up, so you could see the Walgreens doors in the background.

Psalm 100 with peanut butter M and Ms in Walgreens

I like how this project has many different possibilities, and how it can be incorporated in so many ways into my life.

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