Yearly Archives: 2006

Jesus versus Santa

There is a Christmas song that sings about Jesus coming down to beat up Santa for stealing Christmas. Which is absolutely ridiculous. A clipping from Power Games, a Lutheran Hour Ministries Daily Devotion: Some people, including some Christians, say, “My God is bigger than your god,” as if this were something to boast about.… Read the rest


According to Ask Yahoo, less than 3 percent of mammals are monogamous. So the first thing that runs through many people’s minds are, “ah-ha! so humans are not meant to have a mate for life.” But on the contrary, it just shows us how unique humans are.… Read the rest

Delgating work

There’s an interesting devotion by Lutheran Hour Ministries called “You can’t do it all“: October 17, 2006 “Select capable men from all the people — men who fear God … and appoint them as officials.” Exodus 18:21 Moses had to learn what to do.… Read the rest

Brass serpent?

I was always kinda confused why God would use a brass serpent to heal the Israelites. But here’s a good explanation from Smiths Bible Dictionary: When God punished the murmurs of the Israelites in the wilderness by sending among them serpents whose fiery bite was fatal, Moses, upon their repentance, was commanded to make a serpent of brass, whose polished surface shone like fire, and to set it up on the banner-pole in the midst of the people; and whoever was bitten by a serpent had but to look up at it and live.… Read the rest

Meditate on God’s Name

In my Bible Study group, we are currently studying “Gripped by the Greatness of God” by James MacDonald. The study is split up into seven weeks. In each of those seven weeks are five days of studies. At the beginning of each of those days it asks the reader to “Meditate on God’s Name” with a particular verse.… Read the rest