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Number of Bible verses in the ESV New Testament

How many verses are in the New Testament??Oddly, there isn’t a definitive answer online about how many verses are in the ESV New Testament. says there are 7956 verses. But that’s based on the NJB version. This same page lists the number of verses for various versions: 7957: NAB 7957: KJV 7957: REB 7957: NIV 7958: RSV 7957: NRSV The ESV is missing from this list.… Read the rest

New Year’s Day prayer

The Lutheran Book of Prayer is fantastic?great little book of prayers. There are prayers for all sorts of things: Prayers for every weekday in the morning and evening Prayers for baptism, confession, absolution, worship, and Holy Communion Prayers for holidays, festivals, and times of the church year Prayers for the Church Prayers Christian vocation Prayers for our world, nation, and community Prayers for our neighbors, family, and ourselves Prayers for stronger faith, Prayers for birthdays, anniversaries, childbirth, moving into a new home, and events Prayers for circumstances, unemployment, illness, death, singleness, engagement, and weddings I’ve bought many editions and versions of this book to have at home, work, in my travel bag, and now on my iPhone.… Read the rest

Looking for books that compare Catholic and Lutheran theology

Does anyone know any books that compare Roman Catholic doctrine and Lutheran doctrine? I’m a Missouri Synod Lutheran engaged to a Roman Catholic. We have a very healthy relationship and often discuss our beliefs with each other. We are both very interested in learning more about how Lutherans and Roman Catholics relate to each other, and differ from each other.… Read the rest