Hi. I’m Matt Maldre. I’m a Christian and an artist currently working on the Psalm Everyday project (@PsalmEveryday on Twitter & Instagram). In addition to authoring this blog christiannotebook.com, I also write at spudart.org, mattmaldre.com, and 57hits.com.

Five years ago I wrote a very rough draft of a testimony in 2015.

Why do I believe in God? 

Not because of anything I do. 
But for who He is. And what He does. 

Because He’s real. 
Because He’s true. 
Because He made us. 
Because He loves us. 

He’s more real than anything I know. 
This word. This experience. It’s so fleeting, so porous. 
Things aren’t permanent. 
We can wish things were permanent, but they aren’t. 

But I know one thing—one person—that is true. 
And that is God. 

I can be unsure of this world, but God is sure. 
This world can be uncertain, but God is certain. 
He is a reality that is true. 
That is honest. 
That is unchanging. 

My life has been getting to know him better. 
Through trials, through good times—getting to know God. 

He is a constant. 
An assurance. 

How can I be so sure? 

Take a look at the Bible. 
Look at how all the various parts are cross-referenced and connected. 
It all rings true. 
There may be those who wish to reject parts of the Bible, but they don’t understand why those parts are there; and how they fit into the whole. 
It’s all about Jesus. 
Seek to understand him—as God, Man, Creator, Savior, Lord—and you will understand the Bible. 

Jesus is a real man
who walked on this real earth. 

History points to the reality of him being here. 
Even non-believers accept that he died, crucified. 
It’s real. He’s real.