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Searching Lutheran podcasts for episodes about Baptism

It would be really cool if there was an online searchable archive of all the podcasts from Issues Etc, 1517 and Lutheran Hour Ministries. e.g. I would like to search “baptism” and come up with all the relevant episodes. But sine there isn’t a master search, here’s what you can do with each individual site. 1517 podcasts on baptism It looks like 1517’s website doesn’t have a searchable archive of podcast episodes.… Read the rest

Weightless or grounded?

An uplifting song on Spotify:?Weightless by Natasha Bedingfield The sky is the limit And I just wanna float Free as a spirit on a journey of hope Cut the strings and let me go I’m weightless, I’m weightless Millions of balloons tethered to the ground Weight of the world tries to hold us down Cut the strings and let me go I’m weightless, I’m weightless, I’m weightless, I’m weightless… I love the positivity in this song, and the undertones of not worrying.… Read the rest