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Looking for books that compare Catholic and Lutheran theology

Does anyone know any books that compare Roman Catholic doctrine and Lutheran doctrine? I’m a Missouri Synod Lutheran engaged to a Roman Catholic. We have a very healthy relationship and often discuss our beliefs with each other. We are both very interested in learning more about how Lutherans and Roman Catholics relate to each other, and differ from each other.… Read the rest

The power of the Pope and conciliar thinking

One of my high school classmates and fellow cub scouts, Greg Syler, is now a pastor. He wrote an excellent article about the new Pope Francis, “Real power, shared authority – Francis and Lumen Gentium.” Greg brings up interesting insights like: Part of me wonders if Benedict resigned because he knew that the reforms he dreamed of could only come about from the heart of one who embodied those ideals, one who grew up in that church, one who was younger than he.… Read the rest