“All the earth” shining loud from Psalm 100

Final art: "all the earth" from Psalm 100
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All the earth” is very much emphasized in today’s rendering of Psalm 100 for the “Psalm Everyday” project. I wanted to push one phrase in Psalm 100 to be really big and bold. “all the earth” is quite a bold statement, so it’s fitting to make this shine nice and loud.

I was thinking of having an illustration of the earth in the bottom half. But having an illustration under the verses made the layout too busy. Instead, I opted to just have a round horizon line, like it’s the shape of the earth cropped really tight. All the text rides on this round horizon line.

The font is Cairo from Google Fonts. For the “all the earth” headline, I wanted something really heavy with some round friendliness. Cairo’s wide open counters and short ascenders and descenders make this a nice compact font.

This is the first time in this series where just one phrase is pulled out to be nice and big. I really like this technique. You can expect that I’ll be doing more of this in future renderings.

I’ll also look up the original Hebrew for “all the earth” and do a little expository research. I’m certain there are some interesting facts to draw into the rendering that explain the meaning behind the phrase.

This time around, I spend a lot more time handwriting the small text. In yesterday’s rendering, I blew through the small text really fast, and the text got a bit messy. For today’s rendering it was nice to slow down and render each word carefully.

What really took most of the time was something I wasn’t expecting—shading in bold text for “all the earth”. When planning this in my head, I just thought, “yeah, I’ll shade that in. No big deal”. Oh man, at first I did a light shading. But that just looked too weak. I wanted this headline to have a BIG IMPACT. So then I had to shade it over a few more times to get it nice and dark.

Showing the process of darkening "all the earth" by shading over the text multiple times
Darker! Bolder! Make the headline pop! (Instagram)

Four hours later, my thumb still hurts from pushing the pencil down so hard on the paper.

Speaking of the paper, so far in this series, I’ve been using standard office paper. Today with all this shading, I thought I’d try some of my heavier cover stock paper. I’m glad I used it! I don’t know how the standard office paper would have held the heavy filling on the headline.

I’m having a lot of fun designing these on the computer, and then filling it in with the pencil.

Psalm 100 before penciling. Printout in tracing cyan text.
Penciling in "all the earth" of Psalm 100
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It’s the best of both worlds for me. I love creating on the computer, and I love any time I can use a pencil for something.

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