Revolving around God the Sun: Part One: Introduction

As part of the bible study “Downpour: He Will Come to Us Like the Rain” week four covered “Self in the Dirt: A Picture of Repentance“.

The Day 3 of this study asks:
How does the reality of “God on the Throne” make me think differently about our relationship?

I started to write down “Everything should revolve around Him” and it’s amazing how God uses one word to spark a larger idea, because I kept writing and writing about revolving around God. I took that writing and broke into seven parts.

This is the start of a week-long series on the metaphor of “Revolving around God the Sun.”
Part One: Introduction
Part Two: The Moon
Part Three: Earthly Lights
Part Four: Every Step for Him
Part Five: Spinning is sinning?
Part Six: Holy Spirit as Gravity
Part Seven: Related Research

Here’s Part One: Introduction

Everything should revolve around God. Each of us are like planets. We all revolve around the sun (God). That is our primary objective–to make God the center of our lives. But each of us also spin around like how planet earth spins around every day. This daily spinning around is like our daily activities. It’s part of our nature as being humans and the great gifts that God gave us to make our own decisions.

When thinking of this metaphor actually imagine yourself standing up and spinning around in a circle but then also walking around something.

If you focus too much on spinning around and daily activities, we forget the larger picture of things and our orbit around God starts getting crazy. What we do daily should be a part of the larger rotating around God.

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