What percentage of the bible is used in the lectionary?

The past few years I’ve been reading the weekly lectionary to my kids (now ages 2 & 5). I love being in God’s Word with them on a frequent basis. But I also wonder how much of the lectionary doesn’t cover parts of the Bible.

I googled: what percentage of the bible is used in the lectionary?

The top result is Visualizing The Catholic Lectionary – Part 1 by Stefan Avey. Lots of amazing charts and graphs on this page.

Prior to discovering this post today, I was thinking about doing the data work to unpeel this. Stefan did such a great job. I’m more of of a hobbyist with data analysis, so it was really great to read his explanation of how he unpacked the data.

I followed him on github. His twitter @stefan_avey is private. His website’s about me says,

I completed my PhD in the Interdepartmental Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Yale University. My research focused on mining biological data to understand the immune response to influenza infection and vaccination. I developed and applied machine learning methods and software to facilitate the discovery of predictive immune signatures.

My background in biomedical knowledge and computational methods combined with my scientific training led me to where I currently work at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson.

Makes me wonder if he did any work on Covid-19.

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