Unusual renderings of Bible verses

The daily verse renderings by YouVersion are nice for their diverse range of style. Today’s verse, 1 Corinthians 13:4 has a very… unique… rendering.

Visual rendering of 1 Corinthians 13:4 by YouVersion. "Love is not Proud" written in satin gloss over a manikin's face.

My first impression was “TOTALLY CREEPY”. But you know what?

1. This is God’s Word.
It’s a Bible verse, so I don’t want to make fun of someone’s efforts.

2. I like seeing them do unusual styles.
One of YouVersion’s strengths with this Daily Verse renderings is the range of styles. To achieve a true range, you push the edges farther. This design pushes the edge. Satin/glossy hand-lettering. Dead-pan stare of a manikin. Stark white palette.

3. Interpretation and meaning
With unusual designs, it can inspire you to try to come up with interpretations for the style. In this case, I don’t know quite how to interpret the manikin—proudness makes us less human?

Kudos to YouVersion for putting out a design that is this unique. Hopefully it inspires some thought from the viewers.

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