The world resembles an orchestra gone berserk

The following is an excerpt from the May 30th Lutheran Hour Ministries Daily Devotions

“This, then is how you should pray: … ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'” Matthew 6:9-10

Paradise was lost when man first said, “My will be done.” The clashing of the wills of humankind perpetuates and compounds the turmoil and the trouble, the darkness and disorder of this world.

Someone has said, “The world resembles an orchestra gone berserk, each musician playing his own favorite tune.” Anyone who has listened to an orchestra tuning up before a concert knows the result. There is noise instead of music, discord in the place of harmony. If there is to be music, the musicians must submit to the will and direction of the conductor.

Read the rest of this devotion here.

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