Taxes and Lego Bricks

The topic of taxes came up during work. We talking about the cost of cable and cellphones and how incredibly large the taxes are on cable and cell phones.

I used to be quite upset about these taxes, but now I realize that I’m blessed to be able to afford cable and a cell phone in the first place. If I’m in the top XX% of America that can afford cable, then I should pay taxes for it. From a worldwide perspective we are extremely blessed. Take the world economy…

The Gross National Income (per capita) for the United States is $33,070.24 per person in one year. While Nicaragua $326.19 per person. Ok we’ve heard this before (or something close to it). How about an analogy to put it into perspective?

Someone in Nicaragua gets say 100 lego bricks. With imagination you can make lots of things with 100 lego bricks. Now in scale with the Gross National Income (per capita) someone in America gets 990 lego bricks. Whoa. Isn’t that enough? Yet we always want to acquire more and more lego bricks. Do we really enjoy all our lego bricks?

Next time you look at our taxes, realize how many lego bricks you have and how you can stand to give some of them away.

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