Revolving around God the Sun: Part Three: Earthly Lights

This is part three of the metaphor about how God is the center of a Christian’s life. (For background, you can view the rest of this series)

We have developed our own earthly lights (electricity). These lights have become so strong, that they drown out the darkness at night. It’s become so hard to see true darkness anymore. It’s like in our spiritual lives we can forget that God is a perfect holy God and he demands perfection from us. And we have to see the darkness of our sins. But we pump ourselves up with pride and lose sight of how dark our sins are because of the earthly lights (pride) we create.

(Yes, yes we should be lights for God and we should shine bright. I’m just using the example of electricy on earth and how we can’t have a true dark sky to show how our own pride clouds our vision of God. Also, it should be mentioned that even though God demands perfection from us, we have Jesus Christ who paid for these sins in full.)

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