Revolving around God the Sun: Part Five: Spinning is sinning?

This is part five of the metaphor about how God is the center of a Christian’s life. (For background, you can view the rest of this series)

Some thoughts on day and night in this metaphor. One might try to say that we should not be spinning at all. That we should always face the sun as we revolve around it, and we should never turn away from the sun. That turning away would be like sinning.

However, that would imply that the real planet earth never spins around the sun. This kinda breaks the metaphor down. The earth naturally spins. To imply that we naturally turn away from God and sin… well, it’s true. But I dont’ like to think of it as in something that is scheduled out like day and night. I’d rather think of spinning as the wonderful individual followers. We all have our talents and we use them while centering ourselves around the Lord.

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