Pac-Man and Psalm 100?

Psalm 100 set in Pac-Man font

Why would I render Psalm 100 in a Pac-Man font? A few loose reasons.

1. It’s my birthday, so I wanted to do something fun

Every year when my birthday rolls around, it seems like I’m doing something creative. I don’t plan this out, it just kinda happens. This year, I started this Psalm Every Day project right before my birthday. When the actual day arrived, I just thought it would be fitting to do Pac-Man on my birthday. I’m of the generation that grew up with Pac-Man on the Atari.

Thus, maybe this rendering is a little auto-biographical. It would be interesting to think about other ways to inject personal anecdotes into the style of these renderings.

2. A goal to use the eight least popular fonts online

When looking for vertical fonts for the November 18th rendering, I came across a webcomic I did four years ago, “The 8 most unpopular free fonts“. Using eight websites that feature free fonts, I looked up the least popular font on each site. I’ve always wanted to design something with each of these eight fonts, so why not use them in this project? I’m doing a rendering every day. Every now and then I could slide one of these fonts in.

Of these eight fonts, the Pac-Man font, named “Crack-Man” is the most intriguing, so I started with that one.

3. Really, there is no other reason

No metaphors about Pac-Man.

Enjoying outside

Normally my birthday is quite cold, but today it was really nice, so I did this rendering in my backyard under my magnolia tree.

Here’s a time-lapse video that condenses the one hour into 33 seconds.

Sitting outside handwriting Psalm 100
Psalm 100 set in Pac-Man font, sitting on tree planter

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