Netherlands and Belgium stipulates the word “Christ” shall be spelled with a lowercase

Europeans lowercase ‘Christ’: New grammar rule says word to be spelled with small ‘c’ in future (I’ll post the full article in the comments)

I don’t quite understand this. So if they mention Jesus Christ, they still capitalize it, because that is the name of a person. So when do they not capitalize it?… the article states: “other references to Christ, such as a statue of him, will be spelled with a lowercase “c,” as will references to other figures who claim to be Christ.”

so statues of Jesus will not have it capitalized? Like… that is a statue of Jesus Christ. Wait no, cuz that has a name. Maybe to say, “someone is Christlike.” that won’t be capitalized? Have we been capitalizing “someone is Christlike”?

Of course, the larger picture is what makes this awful. But I’m still curious about the details of what they are talking about.

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