Getting attacked by eggs, the love of Christ

I wrote the previous entry on bricks and taxes while at Wendy’s on a Tuesday night. After writing that entry, I was walking a few blocks home in the dark at about 9:00pm at night, talking on the phone with my girlfriend. I was going to walk down the alley for a change of pace, but then noticed four guys in their early 20s going down the alley. They looked kinda like gangbangers, so I opted for the safer sidewalk instead. I turned up my block and continued down the side street still chatting on the phone. When all of the sudden I heard what sounded to be a window breaking from one of the houses.

I looked up and couldn’t figure out what it was, but turned around immediately cuz i didn’t want to anywhere near that–whatever it was! Then all of the sudden I was getting hit by something. My right side of my body was all wet and the four punk kids where running down the street throwing something at me. So I booked it down the street while I was still getting pelted. I glanced at my shirt and saw it was all wet. While running, I yelled out and asked them, “what are you throwing? snowballs?”

They laughed “yeah, snowballs!”

I really thought it was snowballs. Like they had saved them in their freezer over the summer for such a prank. Later on I guess it coulda been water balloons too.

They ran ahead of me down the alley into the same alley. The sound of a car doors slamming and the engine starting and the car peeling off indicated that they had taken off. I slowed down and walked home and saw broken eggshells on me. “Oh, it was eggs.”

In the middle of the meelee I had closed my phone on Lisa to focus on escaping, so I called her back to tell her what happened.

I wasn’t at all upset or angry. It was an unusual peace. It was just a couple of kids having fun throwing eggs at night. I didn’t feel vicitmized at all. In fact, I was more concerned about the house that sounded like they had their window broken. It stinks alot more to have your house egged than yourself. All I had to do was take a shower and do some laundry.

Perhaps I wasn’t upset, because I had just been reading about God’s love. In the coming posts here I’ll be writing about God’s love and what i’ve been reading about it.
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