Psalm 100 hand-written with pencil on paper, with clipboard

Every day, I’m going to hand-write the same Psalm

Psalm 100 hand-written with pencil on paper, with clipboard

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We all know that reading our Bible every day is a great thing. How about hand-writing a verse every day? Hand-writing a verse everyday gets you to slow down and absorb each word more.

Instead of doing just one verse, how about an entire Psalm? That way, you aren’t just breezing through one sentence, but you really are taking some time to meditate through a section of Scripture.

At some point I might do different Psalms. But for now I’ll stick to one Psalm. Really pushing the idea of diving deep into one chapter of the Bible. The repetition of the same Psalm will drive it into my head more.

Psalm 100 will be the Psalm. It’s not a super-long Psalm, short enough at five verses. But long enough to be not just one verse.

Snail mail sharing

I might mail each day’s hand-written Psalm to someone different. Since I’m doing this every day, a lot of copies will be available to mail to friends and family. Imagine what a surprise it would be for people to get a hand-written Psalm in the mail. A little pick-me-up for people.

Fun variations

I could get fancy with how I write out the Psalm, doing fancy script words. Or maybe some decorative stuff around the writing. Maybe mix up what I write it on: fancy paper, cardboard, custom letterhead. Maybe I could use a typewriter on found letterhead. Or some days I might just write it out simple and plain.

It’ll be great to get my four-year-old daughter involved (and eventually my 16-month-old daughter too). I could use one of her drawings as the base to write upon. Or maybe she could write a few of the words for me. It’ll be great for her to see her dad doing this habit every day.

Perhaps this will become a good routine.

2 thoughts on “Every day, I’m going to hand-write the same Psalm

  1. Another fun daily idea. Take one page from your Bible. Literally, take that page, as in cut it out the Bible (yeah, hold with me a second). Read that one page. Highlight some verses. Maybe write something in the margin. Then mail that page to someone.

    Repeat this for every day.

    My wide-margin Bible has 1342 pages. So that’s 671 sheets. Doing this every day would be one year and ten months.

    Certainly some days will have some more…. umm… seemingly esoteric pages. But really, this is the Bible. Every single page is God’s word. You can draw something from every page.

    This idea is an interesting notion. Honestly, I don’t think I could keep up with it.
    1) Mailing it every day seems like a lot of work. (with my Daily Psalm, I’m not making it part of the goal to ALWAYS mail it to someone. Just sometimes I’ll mail it).
    2) When sharing insights on the Bible with someone, I always feel like there has to be something profound. A reason why I’m sharing this particular highlighted version. What would I write? (With the Daily Psalm, all I’m doing is writing it out. There’s no required commentary).
    3) Cutting out pages from the Bible kinda freaks me out a bit.

    Maybe if I don’t include the mailing part. And I don’t include the part with cutting out the page.

    If I just do it for myself and not cut out the pages… Hmmm, now it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. I’ll keep a bookmark in my Bible, and give this a shot.

  2. If I get a sizeable collection of these hand-written Psalm 100s, maybe I could start an Instagram account. The name could be something like Psalm100everyday, Psalm100daily, DailyPsalm100, EverydayPsalm100.

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