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All the ways to follow the Psalm Every Day project

Twitter @PsalmEveryDay
I tweet quick thoughts about the project. This account only tweets about PsalmEveryDay. It won’t get off topic. You’ll get neat little insights like having my 4-year-old daughter help write some of the verses, color palettes, and research discoveries.
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Instagram @PsalmEveryDay
The gallery for the Psalm Every Day project. A nice clean way of viewing the renderings.
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Longer-form articles about the Psalm Every Day project. All these articles go into the blog category “Psalm Every Day”
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Twitter @MatthewMaldre
If you want other Christian thoughts, follow this Twitter account. I tweet about general Christian stuff here. It’s sort of like my personal Christian Twitter account. I keep this account, so the @PsalmEveryDay doesn’t get off topic.
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Flickr album
All the images I post on Instagram and Twitter also go to Flickr. My Flickr has a dedicated album for Psalm Every Day. I love Flickr. Flickr is way better than Instagram.)
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Other stuff
Unrelated to Christian topics, I also blog fun creative thoughts on, how to use media better on, baseball on