Drawing a Bible verse inside a maze

When completing a maze, instead of drawing a line through the maze, what if you wrote a series of Bible verses? If the maze is long enough, perhaps a chapter from the Bible, or a Psalm.

The Psalm would bend and turn throughout the maze. That might be kinda interesting, right? I gave it a shot. There’s a great online maze generator that lets you create all sorts of mazes to any size, and any complexity. I made one that was a medium size for a letter sheet of paper.

After just a couple bends, I quickly realized that the Psalm would be pretty illegible with the sharp right turns.

First attempt: Hand writing a bible verse in a maze

Yipes! This is pretty impossible to write the words with all these turns! Since the maze I printed out is a PDF, I have access to the digital form of this puzzle. Maybe I can use some Adobe Illustrator magic to have the text automatically flow on the answer path.

Certainly enough. It’s possible!

Psalm 100 inside a maze

Again, the result isn’t all that legible. The turns are way too sharp. The letters are all juxtaposed weird.

Zoomed in view of Psalm 100 inside a maze

But I’m not giving up. This digital mockup shows me generally how big I need to write the letters to make it fit into one maze. Maybe if I hand-draw this, I might be able to make the text a bit more legible.

We’ll see. For now, I just wanted to share the current state of his exploration.

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