Downpour Bible Study

The small groups at Harvest Bible Chapel are going through a series called “Downpour: He Will Come to Us Like the Rain.”
Week 1 :: Downpour: We Need a Downpour
Week 2 :: God on the Throne: A Picture of Holiness
Week 3 :: Sin in the Mirror: A Picture of Brokenness
Week 4 :: Self in the Dirt: A Picture of Repentance
Week 5 :: Christ on the Cross: A Picture of Grace
Week 6 :: Spirit in Control: A Picture of Power
(I think there are 8 weeks to this study, future weeks are yet to come)

So far we have covered weeks one to four. It’s been an excellent, excellent study. I will be posting some of the things I’ve learned from it here on this livejournal.

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