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Screenshot of Linkedin post from Concordia Publishing House: "Qualities of a 'Good' Christian"

In my Linkedin feed was a blog post from Concordia Publishing House, “Qualities of a ‘Good’ Christian“. The title of this blog post was curious (and a bit alarming). Missouri Synod Lutherans normally don’t go with the “good” Christian line.

The blog post ended up debunking that “good” Christian line. The advice within the post is spot on.

When I’m striving to be a “good” Christian, and trying to prove myself to God or others, I’m going to fail every time

When I begin with God’s grace instead of my self-improvement, I notice how kind God is...with His people—even when they sin, even when they fail

The author is Jennifer Gross. She’s on Twitter @AnotherJenGross and has a blog The blog hasn’t been updated since 2017, but this post touches on similar themes of trying to be consistent studying and writing about God’s Word. Something I struggle with as well.

Makes me curious to see look up the other authors for the blog on Concordia Publishing House. @AnotherJenGross is not part of any CPH author twitter list. So maybe there is no such list? Perhaps I’ll make one.

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