You can keep your Easter decorations up 50 days after Easter

Easter decorations on fireplace
My easter decorations

The Easter season is technically 50 days long. Churches recognize every Sunday after Easter as “Second Sunday of Easter”, “Third Sunday of Easter”, etc, all the way until Pentecost. We can have Easter decorations up for 50 days after Easter!

I know this, because I keep Lutheran & Catholic lectionary bookmarks in my Bible. On these bookmarks, I mark the name for each Sunday.

Photo of lectionary bookmarks, focused on the Sundays after Easter

Most people are familiar with the 12 days of Christmas, thanks to the popular song. To contrary opinion, most people think the Christmas season is BEFORE Christmas. Actually, the Christmas season continues 12 days AFTER Christmas, ending with Epiphany when the wise men visited baby Jesus.

Now that we know Easter has 50 days, maybe Easter needs a song “50 days of Easter”

On the first day of Easter, my true love gave to me, a lovely Easter bunny.
On the second day of Easter, my true love gave me, two Easter baskets
On the third day of Easter, my true love gave me, three delicious chocolate eggs.
And so on.

Just imagine trying to sing this song with FIFTY verses. I shared this idea with my three-year-old daughter. Then I started to sing the first three verses. She lost attention after the third verse. Maybe I need to enroll the Muppets to sing this song.

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