Monthly Archives: October 2006

Delgating work

There’s an interesting devotion by Lutheran Hour Ministries called “You can’t do it all“: October 17, 2006 “Select capable men from all the people — men who fear God … and appoint them as officials.” Exodus 18:21 Moses had to learn what to do.… Read the rest

Brass serpent?

I was always kinda confused why God would use a brass serpent to heal the Israelites. But here’s a good explanation from Smiths Bible Dictionary: When God punished the murmurs of the Israelites in the wilderness by sending among them serpents whose fiery bite was fatal, Moses, upon their repentance, was commanded to make a serpent of brass, whose polished surface shone like fire, and to set it up on the banner-pole in the midst of the people; and whoever was bitten by a serpent had but to look up at it and live.… Read the rest